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Don't just take my word for it...

 "As a cancer survivor, Energy Therapies and Guided Imagery have  been a great addition to my overall goal of combining traditional  medicine with complementary methods to remain in remission.  Hayley's natural ability for making me feel at ease and available to  accept all that her gentle touch has to offer is icing on the cake."  ~ D.


"Thank you for your wonderful presentation at our Perinatal Nursing Conference.  You covered a lot of material in a short amount of time, and everyone enjoyed the diverse topics.  Plus, your ability to keep the audience's attention as the last speaker was much appreciated!  We've had several requests to bring you back for a hands-on presentation, and I hope you'll do us the pleasure in the near future. Thanks again for enriching our conference." ~ P.


"Please forgive the vernacular, but I am totally blown away!  Your creativity, your ability to articulate in clear language and precise descriptions is remarkable.  You have communicated your healing journey in a manner that gives all of us pause for thought -- for meaningful introspection."  ~ S.


 "I recently gave birth to my third child about one week ago. I  was  five days past my due date, and although my contractions started,  labor seemed to stall. Then Hayley arrived at my room, providing  relaxation therapies and encouraging me to visualize the birth.  She was also flexible in doing this according to the posture in  which I was most comfortable, totally taking my needs into account  first and foremost. Not only did this successfully get my  contractions going again, but Hayley's encouragement and  gentle techniques helped me improve my whole attitude, which was a challenge since I was many hours into it at this point and feeling weak and not really trusting myself. She offered exactly what I needed right when I needed it.  This extra support provided a whole other element to the birth experience, and made me feel truly supported in my labor as a person, not just a patient."  ~ J.


"I've never been much for things that are considered 'alternative,' especially things I don't understand.  But since I've been receiving Reiki, my back no longer bothers me, my joints don't hurt, and I have more energy.  I've since decided that feeling good doesn't require my understanding as much as my willingness to accept."  ~ T.


"Hayley is a warm, loving and delightful presence.  I wanted to try Reiki on my nervous shelter cat (Ori) who had been licking and biting her fur excessively.  Ori was very relaxed for her sessions and sat very close to Hayley.  Afterwards, her energy level boosted and she became playful. Even my semi-feral cats (who don't come out for anyone) made multiple appearances to investigate.  I think Hayley is a 'cat whisperer'!"  ~ J.


 "As a salesman, I rarely have difficulty finding words to express  myself.  However, when my  mother passed away two weeks before  we were expecting our first child, I found myself unable to put my  feelings into words. Hayley's ability to help me communicate my  feelings effectively and meaningfully were immeasurable. I never would have been able to stand in front of a crowd expessing my thoughts if it hadn't been for Hayley's guidance and assistance in writing my mother's eulogy."  ~ K


"Special thanks, Hayley, for so astutely and sensitively communicating to our Literary Medicine  group the realities of life with a family member diagnosed along the Autism Spectrum. Your  opening exercise was very powerful, and that energy carried throughout the evening. Everyone thought you were just wonderful: articulate, informed, and balanced. You did a super job -- having you there made  such a difference in our understanding as parents, grandparents and professionals."  ~ N


 "When used as an integrative tool in counseling, Hayley's offering of  Reiki for our grief and  bereavement clients provides additional  avenues for them to explore their emotions.  By increasing access to  issues that might not normally surface, clients participating in back-to-  back Reiki and psychotherapy sessions have reported feelings of  calmness, reduced anxiety,  and awareness of their fears and  frustrations -- leading to greater insight, acceptance, healing, and  ultimately inner peace."  ~ P.



"As a teen who has struggled for years with anorexia and severe depression, Hayley was always available to help me at my lows. When I was suffering during recovery from my eating disorder, her skills in Reiki helped me feel relaxed and comfortable in my body.  The release of stress that Hayley is able to bring when she works her "magic" can be beneficial to anyone, to those who have been diagnosed with mental disorders or not.  Like most, when I first found out about the concept of energy healing I was pretty doubtful about it, but I was in such a desperate state, constantly panicking about having to gain weight, that it seemed like trying Reiki couldn't hurt. I remember feeling exponentially relaxed during and after the treatment. Being the winner of the battle that anorexia posed on my mind and body, I continue to seek Hayley for sessions every so often. With the stressors of everyday life as a teenager or even an adult, Reiki is always worthwhile."  ~ S. (17 years old)



 "Hayley's pet Reiki gave me real peace of mind after our dog's 'dietary        indiscretion.'  It's scary when our beloved pets are sick because they can't  talk to us and tell us if they are hurting or just scared. Watching how our  dog sighed, relaxed and perked up after her session with Hayley put our worries to rest."  ~ A.


"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation last night on spiritual healing practices. Your talk was fascinating...I could have listened for another hour!" ~ D.



"Being a working mother with lupus, Energy Therapy has helped me find the inner strength to keep balance in my life. Despite frequent days of not feeling my best, it gets me through the tougher days.  ~ A. (a different "A"!)


 "Normally I wouldn't have tried Reiki, but after a pretty rough hockey gameHayley convinced me to  give it a shot.  During my session, I felt really relaxed and comfortable, and afterwards felt energized and refreshed." ~ B                         (16 yo)


"Whenever Hayley walks in, our dog is very clear about what he wants: MORE REIKI. After a session with Hayley, he is always calm and peaceful, which is a huge change since his adoption from the (local animal rescue) shelter."  ~ E.

 "The positive energy that poured from Hayley's hands helped my wife find  the inner strength to meet her illness head-on, allowing her some real peace of  mind and comfort at the end of her life."  ~ G.





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