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Putting aside the fact that I'm happy to chat about almost anything, I fully  appreciate that communication is an interactive sport.  As such, I greatly enjoy sharing information, research and tools that open doors to creative, meaningful and self-empowering strategies to help you improve how you feel, think, communicate in and experience the world; nothing makes me happier than seeing clients and workshop participants put that work into action. Self-esteem, acceptance, spiritual  connection, the organization of one's thoughts and ideas, and effective communicative techniques just scratch the surface of how you can use your talents and skills to incarnate the GREAT things you were born to do! 


What an amazing job I have: guiding clients and workshop attendees in finding a peaceful, fulfilling, expanded perspective on living their own lives with a new  sense of comfort, confidence, satisfaction and joy.  Most participants prefer engaging, interactive programs and functional, easy-to-use strategies and tools they can implement immediately and independently -- and I aim to please.


Having learned with and from individuals from a variety of backgrounds has offered me exposure to and respect for different perspectives and points of reference. All it takes to be comfortable in your own skin, as well as to consider the possible views of others, is the willingness to see with fresh eyes; after all, the multi-dimensional aspects of how we express our true selves and connect with each other is far more fascinating, beautiful and complex than one person could ever fathom. What better way to spread the word of our innate potential than to share it with groups at a time?


Registered Reiki Professional Badge from IARPIn addition to Integrative Therapies and communications training, I also teach Reiki in small group formats for level I, II, III/Expert and Reiki Master. Attention to respecting the balance between contemporary Western approaches and time-honored traditional methods; the ethics of light-touch and energy work; current research; and the first-person practitioner experience  are provided in every class.  Presentations on a variety of topics -- regarding holistic approaches to wellness; the potential role of spirituality in healing; Autism Spectrum Disorders; the ins and outs of navigating education and healthcare, parenting, and supporting family members with ASDs; and a bundle of other subjects as noted below -- offer insight and stimulate discussion.  If your group is looking for interesting, informative, thought-provoking and functional topics to keep up with the times, I'm happy to get you movin' and shakin' in the right direction.


Here's a listing of some previous workshops & publications:

"Going 'om' in Early Intervention: holistic tools to help students through the day." August 2015, East Orange Child Development Corporation.


"Executive Functioning Skills: a key element for successful learning,"  April, 2014, Barnstable Academy, Oakland, NJ.


“Holistic Approaches to Healing & Wellness, January 2013, "Women of Wisdom" Discussion Group, Temple Beth Abraham, Canton, MA.


“Autism Spectrum Disorders: a Parental, Personal and Professional Perspective," April 2012 & October 2012, Literature in Medicine Program, Overlook Medical Center.


“The Mystical, Mindful & Mesmerizing Character of Kabalah,” October 2012, Hadassah - Cranford Chapter, Temple Beth-el Mekhor Chayim, Cranford, NJ.


“Integrative Medicine Approaches in Perinatal Care,” June 2011, Atlantic Health Systems Annual Perinatal Conference, Overlook Medical Center.


“Spirituality and Healing,” April 2011, Hadassah - Cranford Chapter, Temple Beth-el Mekhor Chayim, Cranford, NJ.


"Asperger's Syndrome: A Clinical, Educational and Personal View," Teacher Training Program, College of Education and Human Services, Montclair State University, December 2010.


“What’s the Big Deal about Kabbalah?” February 2010, Teen Confirmation Program, Temple Sha’arey Shalom, Springfield, NJ. 


“Reiki: An Integrative Approach to Symptom Management in End-of-Life Care,” Rutgers Third Annual Conference of the NJ End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium, 2008. 


 “Clinical Applications in Teaching Pronunciation,” Drexel University, 2005.


 “Foreign Accent Modification Training: Above and Beyond Phonemic         Training,” SHA Continuing Education Series, March 2005.


 “Managing Unique Student Needs in International Teaching Assistant (ITA)  Programs,” 38th Annual TESOL Convention 2004.


“Using Muscle Memory to Support Pronunciation Training,” 38th Annual TESOL Convention, 2004.


“What SLP Offers to ITA Training,” Mid-Atlantic ITA Network bi-annual meeting, Princeton University, October 2003.


“Teaching Pronunciation from a Clinical Perspective,” Program in American Language Studies (PALS), Rutgers University, March 2001. 



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