Hands Full of Heart                       

"Bringing Heart to the Art of Healing"®






  Me & my calico, Nicki...we call her the "Reiki Queen":  Maggie, our Australian Shepherd-Husky mix Talula & her new sisters             she just can't seem to get enough!     (looks like a passport photo...)


Birds of a feather...                                                 Paintbrush in the sun spot   I will LITERALLY treat my clients where they're most comfortable...                                                                                                                                                                                                                      even in the bathroom doorway!


An equananimous friend (get it? Equine-animous?)       Jacob and his cousin/cat Buttercup will eat ANYTHING!!!               Sweet Tessie



 Miss Mylie: she who smelt it...dealt it!                                         Ori: "My bed, my terms..."                                            Karl: "Did someone say TREATS?"



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