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"Bringing Heart to the Art of Healing"®


 "PEACE  is not something you wish for;

It's something you make,

Something you do,

Something you are,

And something you give away."

~ Robert Fulghum




Peaceful People Programs

I've always felt a strong spiritual tie to my cultural and religious identity. My faith is the touchstone to which I turn when reflecting upon my experiences, relationships, celebrations, challenges, milestones, achievements and losses -- in other words, all aspects of my own human experience.

 (Below: Hamsa artwork courtesy of my favorite son, Matthew...)*

Judaic study and my ever-evolving relationship with G-d have scaffolded my pursuit to learn more about the various peoples and traditions that color our world.  I have a profound respect for all approaches to healing and well-being, regardless of physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual content, dogmatic teachings, experiential understanding, or personal beliefs.  I move through life from the perspective that we are all here for one purpose and one purpose only: to live in relationship with each other by fostering and creating peace, honor, love and grace.


That being said, coordinating experiential workshops, presentations and classes addressing some of the spiritual, metaphysical and creative ways in which we can connect with the divine spark within -- regardless of one's referential faith -- is one of my preferred ways to perpetuate the importance of "playing well with others."  By recognizing and engaging with our spirituality, we can find our own unique path or "touchstone" for maintaining peace as individuals and collectively.  I believe we all have the ability -- and responsibility -- to transcend our own suffering, as well as to help others do the same.

The content of these programs are based upon my training in and experience with allopathic and integrative approaches to healing and wellnes; traditional and contemporary Jewish perspectives regarding physical, spiritual, and emotional health; interfaith studies and multicultural systems of healing and wellness; and international communication skills. In addition, I am passionate about the teachings of Kabbalah, primarily the wonder, insight and  awe it underscores in daily life and prayer.



Looking to host a program near you?  Give me a call, shoot off an email, or send out a psychic message (just kidding). Nothing would make me happier than talking with inquisitive minds and seekers of peace.


    *As he's quick to point out, Matthew is my only son.

Good thing he's my favorite.



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