Hands Full of Heart                       

"Bringing Heart to the Art of Healing"®




Change doesn't just "happen" on its own...

We choose to heal and change...transcending adversity is an active decision.

One of the most daunting aspects of wellness and change can be the decision to actively participate in our own healing.  It may be tempting to hand over that responsibility to others whom we believe to be "more competent," "the experts," or who offer a "quick fix" while we come along for the ride.  No matter how you slice it, YOU are the source of your greatest change...all you have to do is  make a choice: to become a part OF the process, or apart FROM it altogether.

The same can be true of changing behavior patterns, learning new skills, and reaching your  goals.

Easy, peezy, lemon-squeezy, right?  Not so much.

All of life's changes -- be they positive, negative or otherwise -- can be scary, especially if we believe -- for whatever reason - that we're unable or unqualified to help ourselves as equal and necessary members of our wellness team. The truth is, each and every one of us is actually the MVP.

Wellness, healing and change are the outcome of group efforts of guidance and support from our peeps & professionals.  Each player and his or her respective skill sets are necessary for a positive outcome and the experience itself; every member of the team countsHowever, the individual of focus is critical to the task: you are the player, process and the outcome all rolled into one glorious person!

Without YOUR active involvement there is no team, and with no team there is no healing.    

In other words, there are no magic pills, no "abracadabra!" or "one-and-done" fixes. The process of this journey -- including the work -- is necessary for change.  My job is to help you find the direct course of action that won't leave you spinning your wheels or trying to re-invent them.

Together we can brainstorm an appropriate combination of strategies and tools in combination with your current therapeutic, communication, or general wellness goals. By including balanced, centering approaches and self-directed activities, you become actively engaged in the process of healing and moving beyond your current obstacles.  

The outcome: confidence, comfort and safety...not to mention the understanding that YOU are your greatest asset. That's the most important part, despite being the easiest to forget.


  © Hayley Kamis, MA, RM/T-IARP, CCC-SLP