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  From C to Shining C:

Communication & Connection 




Most of us will go to great lengths to be seen, understood, acknowledged and appreciated. But unless we're able to express our thoughts and feelings, comprehension is nearly impossible -- after all, communication is an interactive sport, one requiring both expression and understanding.  Lack of verbal athleticism (or is it athletic verbalism?) makes effective communication a challenge...but by no means impossible. Even if we can't meet in person, I am more than happy to work with you via Skype. Isn't the interweb wonderful?!!


Hear Ye, Hear Ye:  Did you know that people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of dying? Seriously...it's a thing. This fear is actually a learned behavior; in other words, we are created to want to connect with anyone and everyone, but somewhere along the way we get sidetracked.  

Nonetheless, if you can be taught to prefer avoidance, you can certainly learn how to welcome and embrace the opportunity. Mastering effective public speaking skills isn't as hard as you might think; incorporating relaxation techniques as part and parcel to your training is the key to doing so with confidence, comfort and panache. It just so happens that's my super-power.


Speech Challenges After Illness or Injury: As a former  ventilator-dependent patient, I know what it's like to feel helpless and frustrated when trying to communicate, especially after a life-changing medical event.  But after 25+ years as a speech-language pathologist (SLP), I've accumulated an aresenal of communication tools which, ironically, I've had the opportunity to utilize first-hand.  Having worked in a variety of therapeutic and educational environments, I've also helped individuals learn new, effective communication skills when their bodies and minds have been affected by illness or injury. By utilizing clinically relevant techniques with functional assessment and training, together we will find the right combination to improve your ability to effectively express yourself with friends, family and caregivers.



ESL and International English Speakers: After years of assessing and instructing international graduate students, teachers, and individuals from a multitude of backgrounds for academic, corporate, medical and general American English, I'm well aware that the nuances inherent in the culture and music of our respective languages are equally as important as vocabulary and grammar. Despite one's knowledge and expertise in a field of study, occupation or community, the ability to effectively demonstrate one's skill level in respect to unfamiliar cultural or linguistic expectations can be confusing -- regardless of your brain power and professionalism. Effective communication skills are the key to successful relationships, business and otherwise.  Why not reach your ex-pat potential and get your word out there?


Native "Connectus-Interruptus":  One need not experience a health crisis or geographic relocation to experience the frustration of writer's block or challenges expressing our views in any form. Because we're all neurologically wired in a manner unique to our individual constitutions, we don't all generate, process or relay information in the same manner.  Sometimes our oral language skills are more advanced than our written abilities, or vice- versa. We may have great ideas, but gathering, organizing and compiling those ideas -- in  whatever form -- is the challenge. Distractions, internally generated or externally imposed, can interrupt our thought processes enough to interfere with how we keep track of those thoughts.  And when our natural strengths far surpass our limitations, realization of our potential can feel like a dance of one step up, two steps back, with two very large, clumsy left feet. Whether you've earned a classification of ADHD, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, auditory processing disorder, or you've just never been comfortable in the verbal aspects of life, let's work together to find an effective means of self-expression.



"Ghost Writer" is more than a movie:  Okay, so writing isn't your thing, nor do you wish it to be.  No worries -- this is a judge-free zone. Whereas I don't subscribe to the school of "those who can't do, teach", I do support the philosophy of "healer heal thyself:" in other words, I can write it for you.  After all, writing is my jam.  Whatever you need -- be it a letter or notification; announcement, bio, introduction or eulogy; article or essay -- I can transform your iCloud of ideas into graphic magic. Complex information?  No worries -- I'll take your narrative, work my magic and -- ABRACADABRA! -- it's accessible, interesting and fabulous.  As long as it's ethical and legal, we're cool.  Capisce?



At the end of the day, it makes no difference how or why you arrived at your communication crossroads...

My approach to communication training and transfer is to focus on practicality: identify the unique roadblocks obstructing your efforts, evaluate alternative routes and detours, and send you on your way with a product or skill set you can use independently, so that your message can be transmitted and received easily and effectively.  


Believe it or not, it's really that simple.  You're in good hands -- after all, they are hands full of heart.