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Benefits of IM Therapies



  • Increase energy and stamina


 • Provide relief from physical pain, achiness and fatigue


• Reduce impact of negative side-effects of various health conditions, medication, and treatments


 • Promote a calm, focused and centered state-    of-being

 • Induce relaxation and teach strategies to          minimize anxiety




 • Prepare for and adjust to potentially stressful                    situations, such as:

- major life changes

- medical procedures and treatments

- unexpected events and transitions


• At times when life may feel out of control or unpredictable, training in  self- help approaches allow us to be proactively involved in our own  healing


 • Help us gently navigate our disappointment and feelings of loss

• Energy work can be of great assistance in  palliative care, hospice, and grief &  bereavement counseling. During the final      stages of life, it is a highly effective and  compassionate way to    provide comfort,  reduce pain, and ease transition for individuals                                  and their loved ones.




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