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Animal Reiki: An effective addition to your pet care plan

Photo below: getting a smooch from my old pooch, Maggie...she's mag-a-licious!

 Animal Reiki aims to strengthen our pet's inner resources  and achieve balance, or homeostasis, throughout it's  various systems. The goal is to stimulate the body to repair  or stabilize from within, both physically and emotionally.  It is  a healing approach that is safe to use for any condition and  has no harmful side-effects.


Consistent with studies on human beings, animal energy therapies have been shown to stimulate cellular and tissue repair; provide pain relief; reduce arthritis and joint discomfort; soothe a pregnant mother and assist in ease of delivery; help the body recover from shock; and lessen the symptoms and stress of chronic or terminal illness, as well as end-of-life transition.


Although every animal will have his or her own unique experience, some of the positive changes may include:


• reduction in separation anxiety


• easier adjustment to relocation, changes in family constellation, and addition of new family pets


 a more relaxed and calm disposition 

• improvement in appetite and weight maintenance


• increased energy and activity

 • a greater interest in toys & playing

• reduced physical symptoms            

• more trusting relationship with              humans                                                   Photo above: me & Pretty Patty

My approach to providing Reiki to animals is to work in partnership, always remaining aware of my client's needs as presented by their body language, eye contact, positioning, vocalization, and their overall behavior.  Our animal families need to feel safe, which requires respect for their desire of personal space or direct personal contact. I base the decision to proceed with hands-on or more distant Reiki upon the animal's choosing, understanding that this may fluctuate at any point throughout the session.  

Photo below: sharing the love with my calico, Nicki.

  It's important that you understand I am not a veterinarian or doctor of  any medical  traditionI do not diagnose or treat medical  diagnoses...I treat individuals, be they pets, people or both. I prefer --  and STRONGLY ENCOURAGE -- that my clients have received  regular, consistent preventive veterinary care and treatment prior to  a Reiki session, as well as initial medical assessment as the first  step in addressing any challenges your pet may be experiencing.  

Just a reminder: Integrative Healing approaches are COMPLEMENTARY TO --  not a substitute for -- allopathic veterinary care. Referrals to a licensed veterinarian, trainers and behavioral specialists will be provided upon request, and suggested as appropriate.




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