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Wait a minute...did you say ANIMALS???

I most certainly did!  After all, they are equally loved members of our families. We rely on our animal companions to provide affection, devotion and boundless friendship. They are our biggest fans and most trustworthy confidantes, asking only for our time and attention in return.

It goes without saying that inherent to this relationship is a bit of a language barrier. However, being the life forms that they are, our pets benefit from energy therapies as much -- if not more so -- than we do.  Specifically, Animal Reiki is a refined, specialized practice with a long history of use with a variety of creatures, large and small.

 Just in case you skipped over the Energy Therapy portion  of  our tour, Reiki is a therapeutic energy approach utilized in  veterinary clinics, animal  shelters, rescue organizations, or  within the comforts of one's own home. Hands-on healing can  help any pet and is quite literally at our fingertips (Coates,                                                 2003).  

Like humans, an animal's energetic balance is key to maintaining health, to healing through illness and injury, to finding peace with emotionally challenging situations, and to easing the transition between life and death (Fulton & Prasad, 2006).  It's very important to remember that Reiki is not a substitute for professional veterinary treatment -- it is a complementary therapy that supports all medical and integrative approaches.

Whereas Reiki can be provided either hands-on or from a short distance, our furry, feathered and four-footed friends have the freedom to seek out, maintain or conclude treatments at their discretion, thus providing a safe and flexible environment for even the most skittish of participants.  As with all standards of ethical practice, Reiki is sensitively offered without coerscion.

Regardless of one's biological kingdom, phylum or class, Reiki always heals the issue the recipient needs most in a loving, compassionate manner.



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