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Matrimonial Officiation:



A fancy way to say, 
"Yes, I'll marry you..."  *** 

Not literally, silly.***

As a marriage officiant, I am able to -- and do -- legally preside over weddings. And being a supporter of peace, equality and happiness of ALL people, as long as you and your partner are caring, respectful and committed to one another, I am more than happy to officiate weddings regardless of participants' religious affiliations, cultural similarities and differences, or gender partnering.  


 I work closely with clients to create a wedding ceremony  that  is true to your values and beliefs, one that is  personalized and meaningful for what may be the most  important decision and statement to the world that you ever  make...at least in this lifetime.  But first, you need to  understand that I take this responsibility very seriously.  I  truly respect and honor the sanctity of marriage as a sacred  commitment.  I'll want to talk with you and your partner a bit  before making a commitment to your commitment of a  commitment (sorry...I couldn't  resist), with no judgment or  expectation of either participant other than fair and mutually supportive love for one another under any and all circumstances.  


I've been partnered with my husband for 28 years and married for 25 years.  We were teens when we met -- in many ways, we grew up together.  I can honestly say from personal experience that a quarter of a century is a LONG time to live with and honor another fallible human being.  Marriage is quite a challenge, and it tests us in the best and worst situations, ours and theirs. But it's an effort well worth pursuing if you're up for it, if you're truly willing to ride the wave of life no matter where it takes you, side by  side, in sickness and in health, occasionally giving up the remote or agreeing to a chick  flick.


So if you think I can be a supportive presence in your matrimonial  pursuits, give me a call or send me an email, and we can talk about  it. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll marry you.***


 ***And I promise: I'll never make that joke again.  Ever.



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